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2013-02-01 19:45:55 by AbbazabaClock

Wellp, expect two flashes a day, every day for two months.

You'll love them, you'll hate them, you'll hate me, you'll love me.

But you'll be a better person by 5iving them.


Edit - Listen if you enjoy these flashes out of some random instance of enjoyment, fuckin become a fan and 5 the shit out of em.

Edit 2- After 50 flashes it seems ive gotten to alot of you. Lol Oh well. Another month to go ;D

Edit 3 - Always remember, 55555555555\

Edit 4 - And Its over :). Thanks you guys, hope you enjoyed what I brought to the table. If you can beat me out I'd love to see someone take the challenge ;D